Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4-8 vs 8-4 can the Baptist win?

Alright to the Baylor vs Wake Forest at Wake forest 2009. They have played 5 times before, all but the last have belonged to Baylor who lost the last game in great fasion, a big blow out at home 41-13. That again was Robert Griffin III’s first game as a bear. Looking at his stats over the course of the year it is clear he improved greatly. Having great games agains TTU (tough loss for the bears to end the year) and another tough loss to MU. With those two game replayed they could have gone the other way and the Baylor Bears would have been Bowl bound for the first time in years.

Alright the numbers last year Baylor was 4-8 with wins over NW St, Wash St, ISU, and T A&M. Can you really hold it agains Baylor who had 6 of its teams it played finish in the top 25 at the end of the year, or the fact that 3 of the teams were ranked 2nd or better at one point during the year? Wake Forest went 8-5 with there big wins over a rebuilding FSU and a bowl victory over Navy who beat them earlier in the year. Only one team that Wake Forest faced ranked and that was FSU.

Griffin was 11/19 in passing for 125 yards and sacked twice while rushing 11 times for 40 yards. That’s a 58% completion and 6.6 yrds/a and 3.64 yards per rush. Compared to a 60% completion for 7.83 yrds/a and 4.9 ypc. Yea the passing doesn’t look like much of an increase but remember he had to play 6 top 25 teams throughout the season and still managed to be the 2nd leading rusher on his team while completeing 2091 yrds in the air at a 60% completion rate. On top of it all he was a TRUE FRESHMAN. Other than losing the 2nd best player on the offensive and a 1st round pick in the draft, the bears look set to be more competitive this year.

Ok prediction….well….not sure….I think Wake Forest is going to have the advantage but I am not counting out the Bears. I say a very close game Baylor 24 WakeForest 21.