Friday, October 7, 2011

Wow it's been way to long

Wow I've been very busy started a new job for the state and work to many hours.

Wtf Big12 was almost no more we are hanging by a thread. And now UT decides it better cave in or lose the big 12

Yay. I like the idea of adding TCU to the big 12. They are a quality school that has been very active and all over espn. I hate espn but a positive look like they get from them added to the conference would be great. And their football team isn't that bad.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Big 12 South 2009 Preseason’s Predictions

Alright I am moving on to the South Title and who I think will take the title in the south this year. From my earlier post about the North title race I had a little rant about OU vs. UT; here it is for those who missed it.

“First I want to point out the UT/OU ranks. How on Gods green earth could you really choose one school over the other. That has to be the hardest decision on the list, not. It is a close one but and to me a 51/49 choice. But I would take OU over UT and the reason being DEFENSE. OU is loaded on D when you compare them to UT who lost one of the best DE in the game. That is going to haunt them. Ohh and the RB situation in Austin, ok I got that out of the way.”
I will elaborate on what I think about OU vs. UT in a little bit. First let us look at the bottom of the South division. I think that Texas A&M will be a solid vote for last. If you have any reason to think they will beat Baylor this year please tell me. I cannot find any reason to make me believe that A&M will overcome Baylor this year. BU has many things going for them and the least is probably the best all-around QB in the Big12 in Robert Griffin III. If a few upsets happen I think BU could end up in fourth this year but that is highly unlikely as I am not sure they could be either OSU or TTU.

Ok a harder choice TTU vs. OSU. Last year OSU got stomped at TTU in a game that everyone thought would be another 100+ point combined game. Well almost, but the score did not look like the 48 to 52 score most people where thinking. Which makes this game this year one of the hardest to predict, so looking at the past few years between these two team all the games have been shootouts except for last year. This year game is going to be won by the defense. Whoever’s defense is able to slow the other team down at the first of the game, or ever with these two teams, will win. I am not going to say it is going to be a shootout but it will be a good game.

Alright let’s talk more about what everyone wants to talk about OU and UT. First I do not think that either team will escape the year with less than one loss and if both have 2 loss’s I would not be a bit surprised. This year’s South division looks to be as tough as ever. With BU and A&M changing places and BU looking to make some upsets this year on their road to a bowl game, the South Title chase will be just as fun and entertaining as last years was(unless you’re a UT fan and still flaming about last year). Ok, so the arguments are, UT lost some great players mainly their sack machine, and OU lost most of the O line. The real question is not can they reload. Let’s get real both of these teams recruit the highest level of players, the question is who’s replacements are able to set up and contribute to a national contender right off the start. I always said linemen are the heart and soul of the team. With out them you cannot do anything. So replacing most of your Oline or your best DE in history, which will be harder to overcome? Well since Offense’s dominate the BIG12 I have to say replacing stars like Orakpo will be harder than getting O linemen that can block. Yes they are the unsung heroes of all games. But someone who had as much of an impact on opposing offenses last year as Orakpo did, I think there going to struggle a bit more too slow people down.

So my very slight favorite to win the South title and Big12 title is OU. We all know that whoever’s wins the triple R, usually goes to the BIG12 Championship, sorry UT fans. I just do no think that UT can take OU this year again. OU will be out for blood kind of like UT will be against TTU. But watch for TTU and OSU taking down the big 2 from the South.

Big 12 South 2009 Preseason’s End of Season Predictions:

1. OU
2. UT
3. TTU
4. OSU
5. BU
6. T A&M

Friday, July 24, 2009

The 2009 Way to early North Title look.

So the 2009 Big 12 Media poll is out and surprise, surprise it looks just like most of us thought the media would vote. First I want to point out the UT/OU ranks. How on Gods green earth could you really choose one school over the other. That has to be the hardest decision on the list, not. It is a close one but and to me a 51/49 choice. But I would take OU over UT and the reason being DEFENSE. OU is loaded on D when you compare them to UT who lost one of the best DE in the game. That is going to haunt them. Ohh and the RB situation in Austin, ok I got that out of the way.

Let’s look at the really hard question the North Division. NU, MU, and KU: really you can tell me that in Bo Pelini’s 2nd year he is going to win the struggling North’s title? Well maybe, he does have some tough south games but TTU at home, OU at home, and an ever improving BU at Waco. MU on the hand, looks just as bad really, they get UT at home, BU at home, and have to travel to Stillwater to take on OSU. Ouch poor KU, at TTU, at UT, and OU at home. The clear favorite for 3rd place in the north has to be KU. I do not see them winning any of theses game. They could make them close but 1 out of the 3 would be a great win. So it is really down to MU and NU. You automatically think NU right. Well what makes them the clear favorite? Both teams will be starting a new QB this year. Both teams have recruited well, but you may give NU the leg up on that. So given that NU has to play at MU, at KU and even at CU, I am leaning towards MU taking the north this year. Based on the schedule and the fact that the south teams they play will be a wash both teams will get good to take 1 of the 3. Not sure if either can take 2 of the 3 from the south. So after all of that it’s down to who, plays who, and where. So my coin toss is going to home field advantage for MU. Who should be playing NU for the North’s Title on October 8th. It is the opener for both teams which to me means that home field advantage is even greater. Yes there will be a ton of football to play after that but the fact is everyone has these two teams at the top of there charts and this year MU gets the nod again as they try for a Big12 Title game against someone from the South.

2009 Big 12 Football Media Preseason Poll
North Division
1. Nebraska (17) 172
2. Kansas (12) 164
3. Missouri (3) 124
4. Colorado 100
5. Kansas State 81
6. Iowa State 33

first-place votes in parentheses

South out sometime this week check back.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bu vs Northwestern State

A different take on this game we are going to look at last year’s game as and indication on what to expect from the Bears this year against Northwestern State. Last year was the game was the first win (of many to come) for Art Briles as the Bears head coach. It was also the first win (of many to come) for a Mr. Robert Griffin III. I may do a recap of the Wake game later on as it will prove my points from that post but for now here is the recap and prediction for the BU vs. Northwestern State.

September 6th, 2008, at Floyd Casey Stadium in front of 36,000 fans, the Bears did something. They started a trend for the rest of the season and it is going to follow them over to the 2009 season. They scored and scored often. There worst offensive showing was against OSU at then #8 OSU’s home field. They only scored 6 points that day. Well on September 6 2008 they scored 51, which would be a season high for them. But do not down play this win for the Bears I believe it was the first glimpse at what Mr. Griffin could do. First as I mentioned above it was the first win for both the new coach and a true freshman running the offense in only their 2nd game as Bears. The first 5 offensive touches involved scoring for the Bears. It looked like this:

Quarter 1 Started @ BU 27 8 plays 73 yrds Passing Touchdown
Quarter 1 Started @ BU 42 4 plays 58 yrds Rushing Touchdown
Quarter 1 Started @ BU 41 6 plays 56 yrds Field Goal Good
Quarter 1 Started @ NSU 19 3 plays 19 yrds Rushing Touchdown
Quarter 2 Started @ BU 38 4 plays 62 yrds Rushing Touchdown

Then the first miss fire of the game which resulted in the first punt of the game because of 2 straight penalties and a sack. Not much fault to spread just people needing to do there jobs 3 straight brain farts in Big 12 play would have been much worse. Mr. Griffin came back with these 2 drives:

Quarter 3 Started @ BU 21 8 plays 79 yrds Passing Touchdown
Quarter 3 Started @ BU 15 7 plays 85 yrds Passing Touchdown

He was pulled out after that and the backup QB Kirby Freeman threw the last TD of the game to make it 51 to 6. And that’s how the game ended. Griffin was pulled out of the game in the 3rd Quarter and they still scored. This is good; the backups can play well also scoring on a pass play even if it is a Northwestern State team.

Looking at the game this year I expect even more from Griffin 2-3 passing TD’s and 1-2 rushing tds. Look for the Bears to try and play a shut out on defense and keep the score as low as possible they could be looking at there 3rd win of the year by this mark and if so I expect it to be a 55+ to under 10 point game. Say 55 to 6. Sounds similar to last year but I think the Bears will come out quicker having lest mistakes trying to get the score to 41 to 0 by half then coasting the rest of the game.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Big12 Banter Bear Style Bears vs. Connecticut

Alright since I have already started with the Bear I will just keep going with them. But first a bit of history before we return to the Bears vs. Connecticut, they have only played each other one other time….drum roll….last year. Baylor regained the lead in the 4th quarter for only the 2nd time in the game and just like the 3rd quarter relinquished it to a TD run from the wolves.

Griffin had a fine day leading the Bears but his defense just didn’t help him out. He had 208 yrds passing 46 rushing, 3 passing tds and 1 rushing td. Not a bad day at all for the true freshman.

By all accounts the Bears should not have lost this game. They lead in 1st downs, 3down efficiency, passing, TOP and penalties. Even the defense had 2 interceptions to 0 but they could not stop the run. With 225 yards against at 4.9 yrds per carry they Bear defense was toppled and they lost the game.

That was last year. This year it’s a different monster as the Bears take on Conn. at home with an offense and defense looking to better itself this year. Don’t think it will be a close one at home. I look for more of the same from last year maybe 3 passing tds and 2 rushing tds from the III’d. And a final score befitting the best QB in the big 12 around 45 to 21. Don’t scoff. The Bears are going to scare some big12 south teams this year. Who knows it could be your team that gets a Bear slashing.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Big12 Things going for the Baylor Bears in 2009.

12. Its not 2004 or 2007, there last 2 3 win seasons.
11. They play ISU in this years rotation
10. Wake Forest game is winnable.
9. Connecticut, NW State, and Kent State are easy must wins.
8. NU and OSU are at home with luck could take one of them.
7. Briles can Recuit. The 2009 Commits look very promising.
6. Robert Griffin III was not there highest ranked player in last years commits.
5. Texas A&M will take Baylors spot again this year.
4. The inexperienced players of last year are now experienced players.
3. 10 returning starters on deffinse
2. 10 returning starters on offensive
1. Robert Griffin III plays for BAYLOR.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4-8 vs 8-4 can the Baptist win?

Alright to the Baylor vs Wake Forest at Wake forest 2009. They have played 5 times before, all but the last have belonged to Baylor who lost the last game in great fasion, a big blow out at home 41-13. That again was Robert Griffin III’s first game as a bear. Looking at his stats over the course of the year it is clear he improved greatly. Having great games agains TTU (tough loss for the bears to end the year) and another tough loss to MU. With those two game replayed they could have gone the other way and the Baylor Bears would have been Bowl bound for the first time in years.

Alright the numbers last year Baylor was 4-8 with wins over NW St, Wash St, ISU, and T A&M. Can you really hold it agains Baylor who had 6 of its teams it played finish in the top 25 at the end of the year, or the fact that 3 of the teams were ranked 2nd or better at one point during the year? Wake Forest went 8-5 with there big wins over a rebuilding FSU and a bowl victory over Navy who beat them earlier in the year. Only one team that Wake Forest faced ranked and that was FSU.

Griffin was 11/19 in passing for 125 yards and sacked twice while rushing 11 times for 40 yards. That’s a 58% completion and 6.6 yrds/a and 3.64 yards per rush. Compared to a 60% completion for 7.83 yrds/a and 4.9 ypc. Yea the passing doesn’t look like much of an increase but remember he had to play 6 top 25 teams throughout the season and still managed to be the 2nd leading rusher on his team while completeing 2091 yrds in the air at a 60% completion rate. On top of it all he was a TRUE FRESHMAN. Other than losing the 2nd best player on the offensive and a 1st round pick in the draft, the bears look set to be more competitive this year.

Ok prediction….well….not sure….I think Wake Forest is going to have the advantage but I am not counting out the Bears. I say a very close game Baylor 24 WakeForest 21.