Thursday, July 2, 2009

Big12 Things going for the Baylor Bears in 2009.

12. Its not 2004 or 2007, there last 2 3 win seasons.
11. They play ISU in this years rotation
10. Wake Forest game is winnable.
9. Connecticut, NW State, and Kent State are easy must wins.
8. NU and OSU are at home with luck could take one of them.
7. Briles can Recuit. The 2009 Commits look very promising.
6. Robert Griffin III was not there highest ranked player in last years commits.
5. Texas A&M will take Baylors spot again this year.
4. The inexperienced players of last year are now experienced players.
3. 10 returning starters on deffinse
2. 10 returning starters on offensive
1. Robert Griffin III plays for BAYLOR.