Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bu vs Northwestern State

A different take on this game we are going to look at last year’s game as and indication on what to expect from the Bears this year against Northwestern State. Last year was the game was the first win (of many to come) for Art Briles as the Bears head coach. It was also the first win (of many to come) for a Mr. Robert Griffin III. I may do a recap of the Wake game later on as it will prove my points from that post but for now here is the recap and prediction for the BU vs. Northwestern State.

September 6th, 2008, at Floyd Casey Stadium in front of 36,000 fans, the Bears did something. They started a trend for the rest of the season and it is going to follow them over to the 2009 season. They scored and scored often. There worst offensive showing was against OSU at then #8 OSU’s home field. They only scored 6 points that day. Well on September 6 2008 they scored 51, which would be a season high for them. But do not down play this win for the Bears I believe it was the first glimpse at what Mr. Griffin could do. First as I mentioned above it was the first win for both the new coach and a true freshman running the offense in only their 2nd game as Bears. The first 5 offensive touches involved scoring for the Bears. It looked like this:

Quarter 1 Started @ BU 27 8 plays 73 yrds Passing Touchdown
Quarter 1 Started @ BU 42 4 plays 58 yrds Rushing Touchdown
Quarter 1 Started @ BU 41 6 plays 56 yrds Field Goal Good
Quarter 1 Started @ NSU 19 3 plays 19 yrds Rushing Touchdown
Quarter 2 Started @ BU 38 4 plays 62 yrds Rushing Touchdown

Then the first miss fire of the game which resulted in the first punt of the game because of 2 straight penalties and a sack. Not much fault to spread just people needing to do there jobs 3 straight brain farts in Big 12 play would have been much worse. Mr. Griffin came back with these 2 drives:

Quarter 3 Started @ BU 21 8 plays 79 yrds Passing Touchdown
Quarter 3 Started @ BU 15 7 plays 85 yrds Passing Touchdown

He was pulled out after that and the backup QB Kirby Freeman threw the last TD of the game to make it 51 to 6. And that’s how the game ended. Griffin was pulled out of the game in the 3rd Quarter and they still scored. This is good; the backups can play well also scoring on a pass play even if it is a Northwestern State team.

Looking at the game this year I expect even more from Griffin 2-3 passing TD’s and 1-2 rushing tds. Look for the Bears to try and play a shut out on defense and keep the score as low as possible they could be looking at there 3rd win of the year by this mark and if so I expect it to be a 55+ to under 10 point game. Say 55 to 6. Sounds similar to last year but I think the Bears will come out quicker having lest mistakes trying to get the score to 41 to 0 by half then coasting the rest of the game.