Monday, July 6, 2009

Big12 Banter Bear Style Bears vs. Connecticut

Alright since I have already started with the Bear I will just keep going with them. But first a bit of history before we return to the Bears vs. Connecticut, they have only played each other one other time….drum roll….last year. Baylor regained the lead in the 4th quarter for only the 2nd time in the game and just like the 3rd quarter relinquished it to a TD run from the wolves.

Griffin had a fine day leading the Bears but his defense just didn’t help him out. He had 208 yrds passing 46 rushing, 3 passing tds and 1 rushing td. Not a bad day at all for the true freshman.

By all accounts the Bears should not have lost this game. They lead in 1st downs, 3down efficiency, passing, TOP and penalties. Even the defense had 2 interceptions to 0 but they could not stop the run. With 225 yards against at 4.9 yrds per carry they Bear defense was toppled and they lost the game.

That was last year. This year it’s a different monster as the Bears take on Conn. at home with an offense and defense looking to better itself this year. Don’t think it will be a close one at home. I look for more of the same from last year maybe 3 passing tds and 2 rushing tds from the III’d. And a final score befitting the best QB in the big 12 around 45 to 21. Don’t scoff. The Bears are going to scare some big12 south teams this year. Who knows it could be your team that gets a Bear slashing.