Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Big 12 South 2009 Preseason’s Predictions

Alright I am moving on to the South Title and who I think will take the title in the south this year. From my earlier post about the North title race I had a little rant about OU vs. UT; here it is for those who missed it.

“First I want to point out the UT/OU ranks. How on Gods green earth could you really choose one school over the other. That has to be the hardest decision on the list, not. It is a close one but and to me a 51/49 choice. But I would take OU over UT and the reason being DEFENSE. OU is loaded on D when you compare them to UT who lost one of the best DE in the game. That is going to haunt them. Ohh and the RB situation in Austin, ok I got that out of the way.”
I will elaborate on what I think about OU vs. UT in a little bit. First let us look at the bottom of the South division. I think that Texas A&M will be a solid vote for last. If you have any reason to think they will beat Baylor this year please tell me. I cannot find any reason to make me believe that A&M will overcome Baylor this year. BU has many things going for them and the least is probably the best all-around QB in the Big12 in Robert Griffin III. If a few upsets happen I think BU could end up in fourth this year but that is highly unlikely as I am not sure they could be either OSU or TTU.

Ok a harder choice TTU vs. OSU. Last year OSU got stomped at TTU in a game that everyone thought would be another 100+ point combined game. Well almost, but the score did not look like the 48 to 52 score most people where thinking. Which makes this game this year one of the hardest to predict, so looking at the past few years between these two team all the games have been shootouts except for last year. This year game is going to be won by the defense. Whoever’s defense is able to slow the other team down at the first of the game, or ever with these two teams, will win. I am not going to say it is going to be a shootout but it will be a good game.

Alright let’s talk more about what everyone wants to talk about OU and UT. First I do not think that either team will escape the year with less than one loss and if both have 2 loss’s I would not be a bit surprised. This year’s South division looks to be as tough as ever. With BU and A&M changing places and BU looking to make some upsets this year on their road to a bowl game, the South Title chase will be just as fun and entertaining as last years was(unless you’re a UT fan and still flaming about last year). Ok, so the arguments are, UT lost some great players mainly their sack machine, and OU lost most of the O line. The real question is not can they reload. Let’s get real both of these teams recruit the highest level of players, the question is who’s replacements are able to set up and contribute to a national contender right off the start. I always said linemen are the heart and soul of the team. With out them you cannot do anything. So replacing most of your Oline or your best DE in history, which will be harder to overcome? Well since Offense’s dominate the BIG12 I have to say replacing stars like Orakpo will be harder than getting O linemen that can block. Yes they are the unsung heroes of all games. But someone who had as much of an impact on opposing offenses last year as Orakpo did, I think there going to struggle a bit more too slow people down.

So my very slight favorite to win the South title and Big12 title is OU. We all know that whoever’s wins the triple R, usually goes to the BIG12 Championship, sorry UT fans. I just do no think that UT can take OU this year again. OU will be out for blood kind of like UT will be against TTU. But watch for TTU and OSU taking down the big 2 from the South.

Big 12 South 2009 Preseason’s End of Season Predictions:

1. OU
2. UT
3. TTU
4. OSU
5. BU
6. T A&M